Magbelt 2 - The magnetic nylon adventure belt. 1.25" adjustable strap with ultralight belt buckle. Eliminates belt holes & overhang


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  • MAGNETS SEWN INSIDE - The nylon strap contains high-strength neodymium magnets. One magnet is adjustable inside the belt, another fixed to the end — make for easy adjustment and closure with no loose ends. (US patent: US20150237938A1)
  • PINCH AND PULL - To adjust the Magbelt sizing. Connect the fixed magnet to the adjustable magnet. Pinch the nylon webbing and pull the fixed magnet on the tip of the belt.
  • DETACHABLE BUCKLE - Purchase includes nylon strap and ultralight anodized aluminum buckle. The Magbelt functions without the buckle and can be used as a utility strap to secure gear.
  • SIZING - Sizing recommendations based on jean size with buckle. Size up if you're close to the edge or if you wear a belt without a buckle. The nylon strap is 1.25" inches wide and fits through most belt loops. S (26-30) M (31-34) L (35-38) XL (39-43)
  • ONE HAND CLOSURE - Magnets attach with one hand. Great for seniors, or anyone with limited mobility in their fingers, hands or limbs.

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A magnetic belt that eliminates belt holes, belt overhang, and fits perfectly to your waist. The MagBelt is the perfect belt for everyone. It looks great in the pool, a night on the street, and will keep your pants up at all times--whether it be jogging, folfing, ice fishing, playing Free Bird for your fans, performing acrobatic maneuvers, twerking, or just standing around...looking ice cold. Belt sizing is based on jean size. The adjustable magnet system allows for some slight overlap between sizes.

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