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How The MagBelt Works

Here is why the MagBelt is better than other belts. Look below to see how the MagBelt and our patented sliding magnet system works.

Two fixed magnets are inside the belt end, which attach to another two floating magnets inside belt to give you the perfect fit:

Floating Magnets Visual

Put the MagBelt on and use one hand to hold the inside of the belt, while using the other hand to hold the magnet at the end of the belt and slide the magnets together to adjust it to your waist for an exact fit:

How to tighten the MagBelt

Once you've adjusted the magnets to your waist, it's super easy just throw on:

Belt Instructions

Need to crack a cold one after a long day of putting cover sheets on your TPS Reports? Pick up a Bottle Opener MagBuckle:

 Opener Buckle Instructions

Thanks for taking the time to stare at our crotches. Now go out there, pick up a MagBelt, and teach your pants a lesson.

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