Magbelt M1 - The Magnetic belt that fits precisely to your waist. 1.5” adjustable nylon strap with ultralight belt buckle.


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It's the original M1 Magbelt, that lit Kickstarter on fire in 2015. Sewn-in Colorado. 

  • MAGNETS SEWN INSIDE - The nylon strap contains high-strength neodymium magnets. One magnet is adjustable inside the belt, another fixed to the end — make for easy adjustment and closure with no loose ends. (US patent: US20150237938A1)
  • PINCH AND PULL - To adjust the Magbelt sizing. Connect the fixed magnet to the adjustable magnet. Pinch the nylon webbing and pull the fixed magnet on the tip of the belt.
  • DETACHABLE BUCKLE - Purchase includes nylon strap and ultralight anodized aluminum buckle. The Magbelt functions without the buckle, and can be used as a utility strap to secure gear.
  • SIZING - Sizing recommendations based on jean size with buckle. Size up if you're close to the edge or if you wear belt without a buckle. Nylon strap is 1.5" inches wide and fits through most belt loops. S (26-30) M (31-34) L (35-38) XL (39-43)
  • ONE HAND CLOSURE - Magnets attach with one hand. Great for seniors, or anyone with limited mobility in their fingers, hands or limbs.