Buy the MagBelt 1 on Amazon - The MagBelt 2 is still in development. Will launch by Q1 2021


Here is why our belt is better than other belts. Look below to see how the MagBelt and our patent-pending sliding magnet system works:

Why Our Belt Is Better

Here is how you adjust the belt:

How To Adjust Your MagBelt

Two magnets are fixed inside the end of the belt, another two magnets float within the belt to give you the perfect fit:

Floating Magnets Visual

Once you get the magnets where you want them, it is super easy to throw on and adjust:

Putting the MagBelt on is fast and easy.

Need to crack a cold one after a long day of putting cover sheets on your TPS Reports? Pick up a Bottle Opener MagBuckle:

Opener Buckle Demonstration

Thanks for taking the time to stare at our crotches. Now go out there, pick up a MagBelt, and teach your pants a lesson.